A downloadable game for Windows

1 week project for Prototype Studio class, Spring 2017. Prompt: personal fears.

This was a very different sort of project from what I usually make. It's single player, has no goal, is motivated by an attempt to convey an emotion, and is pretty personal. The fear being represented is essentially the fear of loneliness - more specifically, the idea that it can feel very difficult to get close to people, and that it often feels like other people are more easily able to get close to one another than you are. 

Your only action in this game is moving around. You'll find that your motion is very restricted by the groups of people you see forming around you. The more you try to approach someone, the slower you will move. Keep moving around the space, and you'll find there is no shortage of people who have no trouble getting close to one another, and yet, no one you can get close to.


Ben_Costrell_Week12_Close.zip 11 MB