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1 week project for Prototype Studio class, Spring 2017. Prompt: Ephemerality & permanence.

The concepts of ephemerality & permanence lead me to think about scoring systems where your points could be taken away, and the idea of paying some cost in order to secure points more permanently.  In this game, you collect coins, but in order to actually score them, you must create a bank and deposit them there. But you are also equipped with a big ol' hammer that you can use to smash the opponent's banks. Smashing a bank causes it to spill out half its coins, or destroys it completely if it is small enough. Banks also grow bigger the more coins they have in them, making them more vulnerable. The winner is determined by who has the most coins banked by the end of the game. In practice, this version of the game ends up being somewhat degenerate - it's very easy to just smash the opponent's banks and then immediately set up your own in the same spot to quickly deposit the stolen coins. I think with some additional mechanics & tweaks, this sort of idea could work well.

Published Jun 19, 2017
AuthorBen Costrell


Ben_Costrell_Week10_MoneyInTheBank.zip 11 MB