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1 week project for Prototype Studio class, Spring 2017. Prompt: "Fan game" of a game designed by a woman.

The idea was to use portals in a competitive multiplayer setting. The hope was that this would mainly happen by setting up "portal traps" that would cause the other person to fall off the stage. In practice, that didn't seem to be a reliable enough tactic to lead games to end. I ended up having to use some mechanics that I would consider "game design band-aids" just to make it a playable thing. An extra life will spawn periodically on the top platform as a way to indicate to players that they are capable of moving to seemingly unreachable places by using portals. Bombs fall randomly, making it risky to camp the top platform just waiting for extra life respawns, and also as a way to get the game to advance to a conclusion reliably. An ideal version of this mechanic would hopefully not have to use these kinds of awkward solutions.

Published Jun 19, 2017
AuthorBen Costrell


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