A downloadable game for Windows

1 week project for Minimalist Game Design class, Spring 2017. Prompt: use only circles.

An exploration of soccer-style goal scoring mechanics with additional context-sensitive decision making. The field begins littered with blue and red balls, with two red goals and two blue goals in the corners. The red player must knock red balls into the red goals, while the blue player must knock blue balls into blue goals. The catch is that any time any two objects (including the balls, the players and the goals) collide, they will mix their colors with one another. A red and a blue object will both turn purple, a white object will turn the color of the other object, and when a purple object collides with a red or blue object, they will both turn white. The goals will always stay the same color, acting as a perpetual source of red or blue. Players balance coloring the balls appropriately with knocking them the right direction, all while contending with their opponent doing the same for their own color & goals.

Best played with controller.


ColorBall.zip 11 MB


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