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1 week project for Prototype Studio class, Spring 2017. Prompt: food.

A twist on shooting & collecting mechanics in a competitive environment. Players attempt to eat a balanced diet by collecting the appropriate balance of food types in order to fill up their fullness meter. But food objects can't be picked up directly - players must fire a plate forward, which will pick up a food object it encounters and continue moving, bouncing off the sides of the screen. If a player intercepts a plate with food on it, they will eat it, adding its type of resource to their fullness meter. Plates will bounce around until picked up, and players can only hold 2 plates in their ammo at a time. If a player fills their fullness meter with a roughly balanced proportion of the 3 food types, they win! Otherwise, their resources will be reduced by half and they will have to eat their way back to full once more. Resources will also slowly drain at a constant rate.

Players must balance feeding themselves enough to fill their meter while eating the right types of foods, while also messing with their opponent's progress by trying to fire plates with the wrong types of food at them.

Best played with controller.


Ben_Costrell_Week4_DietBattle.zip 11 MB

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