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Project for Game Studio I class, Fall 2016. 

This game is an expansion of a prototype originally made by Shelley Chen, expanded on by me and Mel Kim. In the original game, the player finds themselves sitting on a tree branch, accompanied by a small blue bird. Clicking the bird causes it to play its melody. Several holes along the tree branch represent the notes that the player can play with their Ocarina - if the player plays the bird's melody correctly, they will be met with a colorful sunrise.

In this expansion, there is no longer just one melody that is the same every time. A melody is generated procedurally, using a Markov Chain Algorithm. At first, there is one bird, who will play 3 notes. Upon matching those notes, a new bird will appear with a new 3 notes. Playing the entire melody up until the most recent addition will summon yet another bird, until there are 4 birds, 12 notes in total. Playing the full melody will bring about the sunrise, as well as some new bird friends! This version also features improved UI from the original, with a separate Ocarina UI rather than holes distributed across the tree branch, and indications over the birds for when you are playing the right or wrong notes.

Published Jan 22, 2017
AuthorBen Costrell


ocurina.zip 52 MB

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