Project for Game Studio I class, Fall 2016. Prompt: Begin with the shell of a Winterbells-style platform jumping game and expand on it.

The very first digital game I ever made! This game takes the Winterbells style of platformer in which the platforms disappear when the player bounces on them and turns it into a competitive multiplayer game. Players attempt to stay in the air by bouncing on platforms - they must outlast their opponent, but they might also choose to go aggressive and try to land on and destroy platforms that their opponent is counting on. Platforms can be landed on twice before they disappear, and players have the ability to dive down quickly to reach a platform more quickly than their opponent expects. Destroyed platforms will respawn after a delay - there will be a flashing indication at the location where a platform is about to respawn so that players can plan around it.

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AuthorBen Costrell
Made withPhaser


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Neat job!

what are the controls?

AD to go left/right and S to dive down for player 1, arrow keys for player 2.