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1 week project for Minimalist Game Design class, Spring 2017. Prompt: basic shapes only.

This game is an exploration of the idea of "footsies" in fighting games in a minimal form, and of alternative movement mechanics. Players begin the game on either side of the screen, and must advance forward to avoid the walls slowly closing in on them. There is only one button for input. Players press the button once to begin expanding in size, and can either wait for their expansion to naturally come to a stop, or stop it prematurely with another press of the button. Once a player stops expanding, whether automatically or by choice, they will begin to compress back to their original size, but their edge closest to the center will remain at the same spot, creating a sort of slug-like (or really more inchworm-like) movement. If they collide with their opponent while expanding (red), they will knock the opponent back. A player is totally vulnerable during their contraction (blue) - they can only initiate an expansion (and hence an attack) when they have compressed back to neutral (white). Additionally, yellow zones next to each wall will allow players to knock their opponent back even farther while inside them, letting players fight their way out of being cornered and creating dramatic end game situations.


Slug Footsies.zip 11 MB

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