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Project for Game Design I class, Fall 2016. 

This game is a digital version of a tabletop board game made for my Game Design I class earlier in the semester. The board game was designed by me, Mel Kim, Mostafa Haque, and Timothy Sun. This digital adaptation was developed by me and Mel Kim.

Stacks on Stacks is an abstract puzzle game where a new puzzle is generated every time you play. Tiles of four different colors are dealt out at random around the corners of the grid. Play proceeds in 3 phases. First, the player draws a random tile and places it on top of a tile on the board. Second, the player spills (or unstacks) a stack of at least 2 tiles on the board in any orthogonal direction by taking the top tile and placing it one square away in the chosen direction, the next tile is placed two squares away, and so on until the original square is empty. Finally, one edge of the board will collapse away, making its squares unusable and spilling all the stacks on it onto the remaining board. The game ends when the entire board besides the center 2x2 area has collapsed. The goal is to score as many points as possible - points are scored when the center 2x2 spaces has one of each of the 4 colors.


StacksOnStacks.zip 14 MB

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