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1 week project for Prototype Studio class, Spring 2017. Prompt: words as objects.

An exploration of building up game actions modularly. 2 players compete in a simple match 3 style game occurring on the right side of the screen, where in order to affect the game board, they must build their action up out of a phrase by collecting the proper parts of speech by moving around in the 2D space on the left side of the screen. A phrase is built out of one verb, one adjective, and one noun, e.g. "CREATE" + "BLUE" + "CIRCLE". Players score points by being the one to initiate a match by lining up 3 symbols of the same shape OR color, or by destroying symbols directly using the "DESTROY" verb.

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Published57 days ago
AuthorBen Costrell


Ben_Costrell_Week_2_wordMatchThree.zip (11 MB)

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